Takahara to FC Seoul still up in the air

Takahara to FC Seoul still up in the air

Japanese striker Naohiro Takahara’s move to FC Seoul is still far from being finalized according to the club.

Takahara, 31, has been a fringe player at Japan’s Urawa Reds for the majority of the last two seasons despite his impressive scoring record with the Japan National Team and German Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt.

FC Seoul were reportedly interested in signing the Japanese striker on a two-year permanent deal, but the club official has denied the reports, saying that the club is only interested in signing him on a short-term loan-deal.

“We’ve been trying to sign him on a six month loan-deal, but there hasn’t been any progress,” said the club official. “We neither have an interest nor the financial flexibility to sign him permanently as some reports have indicated.”

FC Seoul manager Nelo Vingada even went on to say that he has no interest in signing the Japanese. “This isn’t something I can talk about in detail at the moment, but I have no interest in Takahara.”

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