Suwon signs Hwang Jae-won and Shin Young-rok

Suwon signs Hwang Jae-won and Shin Young-rok

New Suwon manager Yoon Sung-hyo announced that his club has signed Pohang defender Hwang Jae-won (29) and Bursaspor striker Shin Young-rok (23).

On the 26th, Suwon’s homepage officially confirmed the signing of Hwang Jae-won and Shin Young-rok.

Hwang is a veteran center-back in the league having played in 111 games for Pohang. Having won the 2007 K-League championship, 2008 FA Cup and the 2009 AFC Champions League, Hwang is one of the best defenders in the league.

Shin, a former Suwon player, signed for Bursaspor of the Turkish Süper Lig after helping Suwon win the 2008 K-League championship but because of contract and financial complications he left the club. The young striker, who has been training with Suwon since last month, formally rejoined Suwon after problems with his Turkish club were resolved.

Hwang has signed a 3-year contract while Shin signed a 2-year contract. Details of their salaries were not revealed.

After a miserable first-half of the season, Suwon have reconstructed their squad by adding Hwang Jae-won, Shin Young-rok and Japanese striker Naohiro Takahara on loan.

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