South Korea lose to North Korea in Asiad opener

South Korea lose to North Korea in Asiad opener

South Korea fell to defeat in their opening match in Group C at the Guangzhou Asian Games football tournament on Monday as their cross-border rivals North Korea emerged victorious in a match that Hong Myung-bo’s men will feel they should have taken something from.

Hong started the match with towering Korea University Park Hee-sung forward up front in the absence of Monaco forward Park Chu-young and based his midfield around the solid pairing of Gu Ja-cheol and Kim Jung-woo. South Korea enjoyed the bulk of possession in the opening stages of the match but were unable to create many clear-cut opportunities against the well-organised and resolute North Korean defensive line.

The North Koreans took the lead against the run of play in the 36th minute when a goalkeeping error gifted Ri Kwang-chon the easiest of chances to score. A looping free kick from wide on the left of the box drew Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i reserve goalkeeper Kim Seung-gyu into jumping for a ball he was never going to be able to reach, and the ball was headed back into the box alllowing the unmarked Ri plenty of time to head home into the empty net and put North Korea ahead.

South Korea continued to enjoy plenty of possession in the second half, and their quest for an equaliser looked to have been made easier in the 65th minute when North Korean midfielder Pak Nam-chol received his marching orders after picking up a second yellow, however the North Korean defensive line remained unbreached and they hung on to claim the full three points.

Jordan lie in wait for South Korea on Wednesday in a match they should win before they play their final group match on Saturday against Palestine. North Korea will now be favourites to top Group C but with the top two teams going through automatically, and the four third-placed sides with the best records from the six groups also going through to the last sixteen, then both Koreas remain on course to reach the knockout stages.

The other match in Group C on Monday ended with a goalless draw between Jordan and Palestine.

South Korea 0-1 North Korea (2010 Asian Games Group C, November 8th 2010)
(Ri Kwang-chon 36)

South Korea:
Kim Seung-gyu, Kim Young-kwon, Jang Suk-won, Oh Jae-suk, Yoon Suk-young, Gu Ja-cheol, Cho Young-cheol (Ji Dong-won 74), Kim Min-woo (Seo Jung-jin 46), Kim Jung-woo, Kim Bo-kyung, Park Hee-sung (Yoon Bit-garam 79)

North Korea:
Ju Kwang-min, Ri Kwang-chon, Jon Kwang-ik, Ri Kwang-hyok, Pak Nam-chol, Ri Chol-myong, Choe Myong-ho (Kim Yong-jun 61), Kim Kuk-jin, Pak Nam-chol, An Chol-hyok (Choe Kum-chol 75), Pak Chol-min (Ri Jun-il 89)

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  1. ㅡ We Lost to UAE…. Just a disgusting performance from R.O.K. Kim Bo Kyung(19) played a horrible game as well as Kim Jung Woo(14) who should never shoot again unless he is inside the box. Too many times I see Jung Woo 10 yards out only to send the ball into outer space. Seo Jung Jin(16) played decently but should never shoot again. What I don’t understand is why not get the ball to Park Chu Young(10) earlier on in the game when he is fresher. I felt like the kids wanted to take all the glory and when they couldn’t, they tried to give it to Chu Young like he’s some sort of miracle worker. Towards the end he looked completely exhausted. Min Woo(12) came in I believe in the 70th minute and never looked like he wanted to run, fresh legs and nothing, Hong Chul(2) played good but pretty much wore his legs out from running the entire time… The substitute goal keeper(20) comes in only to concede at the very last second… 어이엎다… So many chances yet nothing to show for it. Why I’m posting here is they pretty much made the same mistake against North Korea. If only Son Heung Min was playing….

  2. Park CY also has his part of responsibilities in this game. He kept missing like he usual does. Especially that occasion where he was all alone in front of the goal, he wanted to play it smart ass trying a technical move and missed pitifully. A lot of misses, Korea deserved to loose in my opinion. The shots were horrible, almost every single shot was in the sky. How can you pretend to win a competition by playing that way ?

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