Son Heung-Min nets hat-trick

Son Heung-Min nets hat-trick

Jul 11, 2010

Son Heung-Min hit a second-half hat-trick and continued to impress in his fledgling preseason for Hamburg SV as the 1. Bundesliga team thrashed amateur side Halstenbeck Rellingen seven-nil. Ruud van Nistelrooy added a brace in the first-half. The former U-17 star has quickly made a name for himself at the north German club during the preseason warmup games as manager Armin Veh has given him ample opportunity to showcase his skills — and Son has delivered with aplomb, having been shifted from midfielder to striker and often partnering with Ruud van Nistelrooy to great effect.

Son has recently celebrated his 18th birthday by signing a two-year professional contract with the senior side. He will be one to look out for this coming season:

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  1. Jessypjs /

    Hey Good article !!

    I know him since World Cup u-17 in Nigeria !
    Son Heung Min a name to remember !!

    • Woong-Soo /

      Thanks Jessy! Good to hear from you as well.
      Yes, Son Heung-Min did very well in the U-17 WC scoring some impressive goals from distance — he has been doing quite well for Hamburg in their preseason so far. Hamburg play Juventus and Chelsea soon so maybe he will get an opportunity or two to shine!

  2. Jessypjs /

    YEAH !
    That’s his game Hajduk Split…

    I’ll follow his performance this season.
    Do you have a link about his match against Juventus.

    PS: Hoffenheim are interest by him !

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