Son Heung-Min fractures metatarsal, out for 2 months or more

Son Heung-Min fractures metatarsal, out for 2 months or more

Just as the wave of good feelings about Son Heung-Min‘s spectacular preseason showings hit a crest with the player’s winning goal against Chelsea yesterday, it was all back down to earth in the most shocking fashion as it was revealed by an MRI of the player’s foot immediately after the Chelsea match that the mercurial midfielder had suffered a fracture of his metatarsal in his left foot. The injury was sustained after an accidental entanglement with Chelsea defender John Terry almost immediately after scoring. The severity of the injury means that, barring the unlikeliest of recoveries, Son Heung-Min will be sidelined for at least two months, possibly as the fracture necessitates operation. The player was said to be to be distraught after learning of the gravity of his injury, crying upon hearing the news.

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  1. hopefully it heals faster than expected…sigh

  2. Poor kid .. he was giving 200% on the pitch. Hope he recovers quickly.

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