Park Ji-sung nets winner against Arsenal

Park Ji-sung nets winner against Arsenal

Korean superstar Park Ji-sung scored Manchester United‘s lone goal in its 1-0 win over Arsenal at Old Trafford on Monday. The win sent Sir Alex Ferguson‘s men to top of the English Premier League table as they now lead their rivals including Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea with a match in hand.

The goal against Arsenal will serve as the hallmark of Park’s fine performance this season. He was recently voted as the club’s Player of the Month and now stands with six goals and three assists in all competitions. He has never scored more than five goals in a season in the last six seasons in England.

The 29 year-old put United in front just four minutes before the half time whistle. Nani‘s left footed cross from the right channel of the box picked out Park who just managed to get his head to redirect the ball which lobbed over Wojciech Szczęsny and bounced off the left post to find its way into the net.

United held on to Park’s goal and finished the match 1-0. It was Park’s second match winning goal of the season following his dramatic winner at the death against Wolverhampton earlier in the season.

Additionally, Park maintained his fantastic record against Arsenal in particular with his fourth career goal in ten matched he has faced the Gunners since Joining United in 2005 from PSV Eindhoven.

Ferguson told Sky Sports after the match, “”Park’s record against Arsenal is very good, he is in fantastic form, the lad. Unfortunately we’re going to lose him to the Asian Cup for seven matches, which is disappointing.”

Park is expected to join the Korea national team later this month for the 2011 AFC Asian Cup which will take place in Qatar.

Park’s goal

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  1. black squid /

    great job mister Park you make Korea proud,what a fantastic season the red devil is enjoying !! just like Jong Tae Se who scored his 8th goal this week

  2. Hyojoo Song /

    True role model plus legendary player, what more can a korean person ask for?

  3. Chelsung /

    Park has enjoyed his time this first half as Valencia injured.
    Hate to see ManU winning, but like to see Park scoring.

    Probably he has enjoyed his best time of entire career in EPL this year, next year he gets 30 and his performance drops..

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