Park Chu-young out of Asian Games squad

Park Chu-young out of Asian Games squad

AS Monaco striker Park Chu-young will not be participating in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

On the 5th, the Korean Football Association revealed that it would be difficult for Park’s club AS Monaco to release him during this month for the Asian Games. After being told that Celtic midfielder Ki Sung-yong wouldn’t be part of the squad, news of Park’s omission will be a second setback for Hong Myung-bo’s Asian Game squad.

U-23 head coach Hong Myung-bo was given the news as the team was preparing to travel to Guangzhou for the competition. A replacement player for Park will be decided and called upon after the team arrives in Guangzhou.

AS Monaco is currently in the relegation zone at 18th place in Ligue 1 and would be without a replacement should Park Chu-young leave during November.

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