North Korea name strong squad for Vietnam tournament

North Korea name strong squad for Vietnam tournament

North Korea have named a strong squad which will travel to Vietnam later this month to take part in the Thang Long Cup, with no less than fourteen of the 23-man squad who went to this summer’s FIFA World Cup finals in South Africa named in the traveling party.

The Koreans, who will be led in this tournament by Jo Tong-sop instead of national team manager Kim Jong-hun, have named a strong side of domestic-based players with World Cup participants Mun In-guk, Park Nam-chol, Ri Myung-guk and Ri Kwang-chon amongst those likely to take part. Coach Jo has previous experience of leading the national team overseas, having been in charge of the squad that traveled to Qatar for a friendly tournament in December 2009 and led the country to victory at the 2010 AFC Challenge Cup in Sri Lanka in February of this year.

Joining North Korea in the tournament, which will take place at the My Dinh National Stadium from September 20-24, is the Vietnamese national side along with the U23 sides of Australia and Kuwait.

The full North Korean playing squad is as follows:

Kim Myong-gil (Amrokgang)
Ri Myong-guk (Pyeongyang City)
Ju Kwang-min (Kigwancha)

Ri Kwang-chon (April 25)
Nam Song-chol (April 25)
Pak Chol-jin (Amrokgang)
Jon Kwang-ik (Amrokgang)
Ri Kwang-hyok (Kyonggongop)
Pak Yong-jin (Rimyongsu)

Mun In-guk (April 25)
Kim Kum-il (April 25)
Pak Nam-chol (April 25)
Ri Chol-myong (Pyeongyang City)
Kim Yong-jun (Pyeongyang City)
Choe Myong-ho (Pyeongyang City)
Pak Song-chol (Rimyongsu)
Kim Kyong-il (Rimyongsu)
Yun Yong-il (Wolmido)

Choe Kum-chol (Rimyongsu)
An Chol-hyok (Rimyongsu)
Pak Chol-min (Rimyongsu)
Pak Kwang-ryong (Wolmido)

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