National team coaching staff to be decided in few days

National team coaching staff to be decided in few days

New Korea national team head coach Jo Gwang-rae revealed that his coaching staff will be decided in 1~2 days.

On the 21st the KFA appointed the Gyeongnam manager to lead the national side for 2 years. The newly appointed manager was at the newly built Park Ji-sung Football Center (JSFC) when he said that his staff will be shortly decided.

It is likely that an assistant coach, another coach, a goalkeeper coach and a physical trainer will make up the new staff.

Former Seongnam manager Kim Hak-beom is a candidate for the assistant coaching role while former national team coach Lee Chun-seok, Gyeongnam coach Kim Gwi-hwa and the recent national team coach Park Tae-ha are all candidates for the coach position. The new physical trainer is likely to be from Brazil.

Jo met the former head coach Huh Jung-moo on this day and the two agreed that the national team must transition to a younger generation. They also agreed that there wouldn’t be any big problems because there won’t be a major tournament in the next few months.

Vice President of FIFA and former KFA President Chung Mong-joon gave the new coach a message of encouragement.

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