Nantes’ Lee Yong-jae scores in Coupe de France

Nantes’ Lee Yong-jae scores in Coupe de France

Korea youth international Lee Yong-jae notched his fourth goal of the season in all competitions against USSA Vertou. Lee played an integral part as Nantes cruised to a comfortable 2-0 victory over the French fifth division outfit in the Eighth Round of the 2010-2011 Coupe de France.

Deployed as manager Baptiste Gentili‘s left-sided midfielder, Lee played full time and put in a fine display as he was a critical contributor in Nantes’ go-ahead goal only six minutes into the match and went on to score a goal of his own in the second half to clinch his side’s berth in the Round of 64 where Ligue 1 sides will start to participate in the competition.

The 19 year-old’s acute through-ball into the box was collected by Ronny Rodelin who picked out Filip Djordjevic for the easy goal which put Nantes in front early after just six minutes.

Nantes’ second goal came in the 56th minute by Lee who has been the dominant force throughout the match. It was Lee who initiated the scoring sequence as his well played pass from midfield found Rodelin who blasted a strong shot from the left channel. The shot was saved by Vertou goalkeeper Guillaume Garnier, but Lee got to the rebound and slotted the ball into the low left corner with his right foot following a brilliant off-the-ball run after his initial pass to Rodelin.

With his goal against Vertou, Lee now has two goals apiece in Ligue 2 and Coupe de France.

Lee Yong-jae’s goal

Lee Yong-jae highlights

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  1. Yet another interesting prospect I had no knowledge of. Good game by him.

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