Lee Young-pyo becomes 3rd most capped player

Lee Young-pyo becomes 3rd most capped player

After the recent 2-1 victory against Bahrain in the 2011 Asian Cup, Korean national team left back Lee Young-pyo (34/Al-Hilal) became the third most capped player for the Korean National Team.

On the 11th, Lee Young-pyo earned his 122nd cap for the national team. Before the game, the defender was on level with Cha Bum-kun with 121 caps. With the recent match, Lee has joined Yoo Sang-chul at joint third on the list. If Lee Young-pyo plays against Australia, he will be the lone 3rd most capped player behind current Olympic Team head coach Hong Myung-bo (135) and Jeonnam goalkeeper Lee Woon-jae (132).

National Team captain Park Ji-sung (30/Man Utd) also earned his 96th cap against Bahrain putting him on level with Gangwon manager Choi Soon-ho, Jeju manager Park Kyung-hoon and Kim Nam-il (34/Tom Tomsk) all tied for eighth. Just ahead of Park Ji-sung are current Olympic Team coach Kim Tae-young (105) and Pohang manager Hwang Sun-hong (103).

▲ Total Caps (as of January 11th, 2011)

#1 Hong Myung-bo (135 matches/9 goals)
#2 Lee Woon-jae (132 matches/0 goals)
#3 Lee Young-pyo (122 matches/5 goals)
#3 Yoo Sang-chul (122 matches/18 goals)
#5 Cha Bum-kun (121 matches/55 goals)
#6 Kim Tae-young (105 matches/3 goals)
#7 Hwang Sun-hong (103 matches/50 goals)
#8 Park Ji-sung (96 matches/13 goals)
#8 Kim Nam-il (96 matches/2 goals)
#8 Choi Soon-ho (96 matches/30 goals)
#8 Park Kyung-hoon (96 matches/1 goals)
#12 Cho Kwang-rae (94 matches/15 goals)
#12 Ha Seok-ju (94 matches/22 goals)

Bold indicates still active players.

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