Lee Woon-jae to retire?

Lee Woon-jae to retire?

National team goalkeeper Lee Woon-jae, who played his 132nd and last game for the national team against Nigeria might end up retiring from football altogether.

Lee Woon-jae is currently not featuring for his club Suwon Samsung. Suwon manager Yoon Seong-hyo has left Lee Woon-jae off the squad in the last match against Incheon and the upcoming match against Ulsan. The manager feels Lee Woon-jae can’t play at the level he needs to and is expecting the goalkeeper to consider his retirement soon. The void left by Lee Woon-jae is currently being filled by rookie goalkeeper Ha Gang-jin.

It is believed that Lee has requested to stay at Suwon as a player-coach for the club. Suwon manager Yoon has told Sports Chosun: “It is true Lee Woon-jae’s performance has fallen. We too are searching for alternatives. It is true that Lee Woon-jae is a legend at Suwon, but we must look at this issue objectively.”

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