Lee Ho to Omiya Ardija

Lee Ho to Omiya Ardija

Aug 8, 2010

Lee Ho will transfer to J. League side Omiya Ardija from his current UAE club Al Ain.

On August 8th, it was revealed that Lee flew to Japan on the 7th and will have a medical test on the 9th.

His new contract will be for 6 months with an option for an additional year after his performance. The midfielder was said to be seeking a move to a more comfortable environment for his pregnant wife.

A member of the 2006 World Cup side, Lee has played for Ulsan (2003~06), Zenit St. Petersburg (2006~08), Seongnam (2009) and Al Ain (2010). At Zenit, he won the UEFA Cup in 2008.

Omiya Ardija is currently lying in 15th place, right outside the relegation zone.

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