Lee Dong-gook, Lee Seung-ryul to start against Barcelona

Lee Dong-gook, Lee Seung-ryul to start against Barcelona

World Cup forwards Lee Dong-gook (31) of Jeonbuk and Lee Seung-ryul (21) of Seoul were voted to be the starting forwards for the 2010 K-League All-Star team that will play against FC Barcelona next month.

Along with the two strikers, the rest of the Best 11 of the K-League All-Star team were revealed at a press conference at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

The midfield will consist of Molina (30) of Seongnam, Eninho (29) of Jeonbuk, Kim Jung-woo (28) of Gwangju and Gu Ja-cheol (21) of Jeju. The defense will consist of Kim Dong-jin (28) of Ulsan, Cho Yong-hyung (26) of Jeju, Kim Hyung-il (26) of Pohang and Choi Hyo-jin (26) of Seoul. The goalkeeper will be Jung Sung-ryong (25) of Seongnam.

Kim Dong-jin had the most online votes with 70,487 votes followed by Gu Ja-cheol with 56,207 votes and Cho Yong-hyung with 55,200 votes.

-FC 바르셀로나 초청 K리그 올스타 2010 온라인 팬투표 결과-
GK 정성룡(성남, 53588표)
DF 김동진(울산, 70487표), 조용형(제주, 55200표), 최효진(서울, 53010표), 김형일(포항, 52665표)
MF 구자철(제주, 56207표), 김정우(광주, 55081표), 에닝요(전북, 53241표), 몰리나(성남, 52962표)
FW 이동국(전북, 52919표), 이승렬(서울, 48118표)

K-League All Star 2010 Online Fan Voting Results
GK: Jung Sung-ryong (53588)
DF: Choi Hyo-jin (53010), Cho Yong-hyung (55200), Kim Hyung-il (52665), Kim Dong-jin (70487)
MF: Eninho ( 53241), Kim Jung-woo (55081 ), Gu Ja-cheol (56207), Molina (52962)
FW: Lee Dong-gook (52919), Lee Seung-ryul (48118)

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  1. Milan /

    Is best K-League striker Dejan in squad?

    • He is far from being the best K-League striker. Top scorers are Yoo Byung-Soo (11 goals) , Lucio (10) and Eninho (9). And no, he’s not part of the crew.

  2. Woong-Soo /

    In terms of output, he’s still up there and in terms of all around class he may be the best, IMO. Dejan is a classy, classy player.

  3. Woong-Soo /

    How they can leave out Dejan and Yoo Byung-Soo is beyond me. And Indio only got in because of injury to Kim Dong-Jin!

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