Lee Chung-yong grabs first assist of the season

Lee Chung-yong grabs first assist of the season

Lee Chung-yong assisted the winning goal for Bolton as the Wanderers won a gritty match 3-1 away at Upton Park against West Ham United. The game, a carbon copy of last year’s match-up, again saw Lee act as provider for Johann Elmander. A wonderful searching ball by Kevin Davies found Lee marauding near the touchline on the right and the skillful winger picked out Elmander with a delightful pin-point cross in the 68th minute; the Swedish striker obliged with a deft header into the right hand corner of Robert Green’s net giving Bolton an important 2-1 lead. However, as it was a game generally bereft of slick passing and as such, Lee was forced to subsist on a diet of mostly lofted passes or balls won by Davies upfront.

The assist is Lee’s first offensive contribution in the English Premier League this season.

The assist can be seen here:

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  1. black squid /

    Nice to see him contribute to the first sucess of the wanderers this season. Hope he will confirm and not feel bored with this low profile team…

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