Lee Chun-soo to debut in front of Cho Kwang-rae

Lee Chun-soo to debut in front of Cho Kwang-rae

On the 15th, Lee Chun-soo will have his debut match for Omiya Ardija against Jubilo Iwata for the 18th round of the J. League. National team head coach Cho Kwang-rae along with coach Park Tae-ha will be in attendance to watch the match. This will be Cho’s first time going abroad to watch a player since his appointment. Although this will be Lee Chun-soo’s first game, the player Cho plans to examine is Jubilo player Park Joo-ho, who can ideally slot into the left wingback role in Cho’s 3-4-2-1 formation.

For the match Cho Kwang-rae will be focused on Park Joo-ho. However, Cho will surely take notice of the other Korean footballers on the field that day. Lee Gang-jin will play alongside Park Joo-ho in the Jubilo defense. For Omiya Ardija, Lee Chun-soo and Lee Ho will most likely make their first appearances for their new club.

Lee Chun-soo, who last played for Saudi club Al-Nassr, will be looking forward to playing football again after having off-field problems with his last two clubs Al-Nassr and Chunnam Dragons. Lee has told his new club that as a forward he will assume the responsibility of scoring goals. He has also said that he is confident in his free kick abilities and will put them to good use.

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