Korea wins 2-0 as Ki Sungyong and Lee Chungyong score

Korea wins 2-0 as Ki Sungyong and Lee Chungyong score

Korea defeated UAE Pro League current leader Al-Jazira Club on Tuesday with consecutive goals from Ki Sungyong and Lee Chungyong.

In the match against Al-Jazira, coach Cho Kwangrae continued his experiment with the 4-2-3-1 formation. First half saw a line up that featured Ji Dongwon as the lone forward, with the midfield crew of Park Jisung, Ku Jachul, Lee Chungyong, Ki Sungyong, and Lee Yongrae supporting him.

At the 34th minute mark, Lee Chungyong turned a cross from Lee Youngpyo into a goal with a right-footed tap in. Three minutes later, Lee Chungyong was tripped by the opposing goalkeeper, earning the team a penalty kick, which Ki Sungyong converted.

A total of 7 changes were made during the half-time. Resultantly, Ji Dongwon’s role was changed into playing as an attacking midfielder. Rest of the top 6 of the lineup for the start of the second half were as follows: Yoo Byungsoo, Son Heungmin, Yeom Ki Hoon, Ki Sungyong, Yoon Bitgaram.

Meanwhile, goalkeepers Jung Sungryong and Kim Yongdae split their playing time by each playing one of the two halves.

Korea now enters Doha, Qatar to prepare for their first Group C match of the 2011 AFC Asian Cup against Bahrain.

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