Korea stays 44th in September FIFA rankings

Korea stays 44th in September FIFA rankings

Cho Kwang-rae’s national team stays in the 44th spot for the September FIFA rankings.

On the 15th, the September rankings were announced on the FIFA website. Korea Republic ranked 44th with 640 points. Since going up three places from 47th in the July rankings, Korea has stayed 44th for the past few months.

In the past month, Korea defeated Nigeria 2-1 in August with goals from Yoon Bit-garam and Choi Hyo-jin. However, Korea were defeated at home by Iran on the 7th.

The 2010 World Cup finalists Spain and the Netherlands claimed the 1st and 2nd spots on the ranking while Brazil slipped to 4th as Germany took over the 3rd spot. England rose to 6th while Uruguay dropped to 7th.

In the AFC, Australia fell four places but still claim the highest ranking at 24th. Japan, who will be playing Korea in October, rose two places to 30th. Iran, with recent victories against China and Korea, rose an impressive eight places to 57th.

September 15 FIFA Rankings
1. Spain
2. Netherlands
3. Germany
4. Brazil
5. Argentina
6. England
7. Uruguay
8. Portugal
9. Egypt
10. Chile

24. Australia
30. Japan
44. Korea Republic
57. Iran
73. Saudi Arabia
75. Bahrain
82. China PR
90. United Arab Emirates
92. Oman
94. Syria


  1. Still can’t understand why Japan and Australia are 30th and 24th. This ranking is a joke.

    If i remember well, even in 2002 Japan was ranked higher than Korea. Which makes me laugh out loud pretty hard and makes me doubt of the relevancy of this ranking.

  2. I hope my readers realize that the FIFA rankings are calculated objectively using a mathematical formula that applies to ALL teams. Positions in the ranking are determined by points earned, not by public opinion.


  3. In my opinion they need to change the way they calculate it, because results are ridiculous. Too many incoherences.

    Maybe Korea should beat Yemen and Bahrain over and over again to attain 30rd position too. Just my thought.

  4. The elo rankings are also calculated objectively using a mathematical formula, but they are waaay different. (and better)

  5. I prefer the ELO ratings myself but it really has no impact on FIFA tournaments.

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