Kim Jae-sung quits European move?

Kim Jae-sung quits European move?

It appears Pohang midfielder Kim Jae-sung will have to fold up any plans he had for a European transfer.

Pohang manager Park Chang-hyeon said, “It’d be difficult to leave considering the club’s current situation as well as his unfulfilled military service.

“Even if he was to go, he’d only go out on a 6-month loan. If you go on loan, you won’t have much opportunities to play. This isn’t any mid-table club, it’s PSV Eindhoven. It’s possible he could return after only watching matches from the bench.”

The Pohang manager than brought up Kim Nam-il’s experience at SBV Excelsior as an example. Kim Nam-il failed to impress during his loan move to SBV Excelsior in the 2002-03 season, playing only 8 games.

The manager then went on to say that Kim Jae-sung himself has most likely given up on a move to a European club.

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