Ki Sung-Yong scores first goal for Celtic, Cha also stars

Ki Sung-Yong scores first goal for Celtic, Cha also stars

Ki Sung-Yong scored his first-ever goal against Arsenal in the famed Hoops shirt as Celtic fought back bravely from a three goal deficit to close the gap to 3-2. Ki was in the thick of the action against Arsenal from the get-go as Arsenal ran out to a two goal lead at half-time. As with the previous preseason friendlies in which he has starred, Ki Sung-Yong was deployed in a holding midfielder role, one which, at times, he has looked solid in if a little awkward at times. Ki’s deflected rocket from outside the box led to the opening goal for Celtic through Daryl Murphy and as Celtic opted to commit more players forward in search of a response, Ki seemed to exert more of an influence on the game as he was moved further up the pitch in a more familiar attacking midfielder role which culminated in his terrific run from deep within midfield to knock in a superb cross by Marc-Antoine Fortune in the 82nd minute. Although it signaled a frenzied finish to the match, Arsenal were able to hold out and preserve their lead. Cha Du-Ri also featured as a late substitute for Andreas Hinkel and provided solid tackling cover in the later stages of the game.

You can see the highlights here:

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  1. so fast for real lol..

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