K-League All-Star team finalized

K-League All-Star team finalized

The nine players that will join Jeonbuk manager Choi Kang-hee and the rest of the K-League Best Eleven that will play against FC Barcelona have been announced.

Goalkeeper Kim Young-kwang (Ulsan), defenders Kim Sang-sik (Jeonbuk), Kim Chi-gon (Ulsan), Kim Chang-soo (Busan), midfielders Ha Dae-sung (Seoul), Kim Du-hyeon (Suwon), Park Hee-do (Busan), and forwards Choi Sung-kuk (Gwangju) and Lucio (Gyeongnam) were added to the team. Kim Jung-woo (Gwangju), who cannot attend the All-Star game because of his military training, will be replaced by Pohang’s Kim Jae-sung.

Manager Choi Kang-hee (Jeonbuk)

GK Jung Sung-ryong (Seongnam)
GK Kim Young-kwang (Ulsan)

DF Kim Dong-jin (Ulsan)
DF Cho Yong-hyung (Jeju)
DF Kim Hyung-il (Pohang)
DF Choi Hyo-jin (Seoul)
DF Kim Sang-sik (Jeonbuk)
DF Kim Chi-gon (Ulsan)
DF Kim Chang-soo (Busan)

MF Molina (Seongnam)
MF Gu Ja-cheol (Jeju)
MF Eninho (Jeonbuk)
MF Kim Jae-sung (Pohang)
MF Ha Dae-sung (Seoul)
MF Kim Du-hyeon (Suwon)
MF Park Hee-do (Busan)

FW Lee Dong-gook (Jeonbuk)
FW Lee Seung-ryul (Seoul)
FW Choi Sung-kuk (Gwangju)
FW Lucio (Gyeongnam)

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  1. Steve /

    The midfield seems to have more creativity than the national team

  2. Alexandre /

    Lucio the best

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