Jong Tae-se scores 4th preseason goal

Jong Tae-se scores 4th preseason goal

Aug 8, 2010

Striker Jong Tae-se scored his 4th preseason goal for Bochum against Real Sociedad.

The Bochum striker scored from a corner in the 2nd minute of the game to give Bochum a very early lead. This was his 4th goal in as many games, having scored against Duisburg, Getafe and Palermo in earlier preseason games.

VfL Bochum conceded a goal in the 56th minute to Real Sociedad midfielder Xabi Prieto to change the scoreline 1-1. Jong played for 67 minutes before being substituted. The scoreline stayed 1-1 as the game ended in a draw.

Jong will play his first official game for his new club on the 15th as Bochum play against Kickers Offenbach in the first round of the DFB-Pokal.

fL Bochum 1848: Heerwagen – Pfertzel (62. Concha), Maltritz, Mavraj (46. Yahia) (68. Fabian), Bönig – Dabrowski (62. Toski), Maric – Federico (46. Freier), Grote (65. Prokoph) – Saglik (68. Dedic), Jong (77. Rzatkowski)

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