Hwang Jae-won to miss Nigeria match with injury

Hwang Jae-won to miss Nigeria match with injury

Aug 9, 2010

Korean national team head coach Cho Kwang-rae has announced Suwon defender Hwang Jae-won will miss the upcoming match with an ankle injury.

Cho revealed at the Paju National Training Center that he had told the defender to not come to the training session. The head coach expressed his disappointment, stating that he had wanted to use the upcoming match against Nigeria to properly evaluate Hwang.

On the 7th, Hwang Jae-won injured his left ankle in a fall with Incheon forward Yoo Byung-soo on the 16th round of the K-League.

The injury-prone defender will once again miss another opportunity to join the national team after failing to make the cut for the 2010 World Cup. Cho added that he wanted to test Hwang Jae-won and Cho Yong-hyung (Al-Rayyan) in particular and that he might give Hwang another opportunity against Iran on September 7th depending on his injury.

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