Hamburg SV to offer five-year contract to Son Heung-Min

Hamburg SV to offer five-year contract to Son Heung-Min

Jul 27, 2010

As if one cue, Hamburg SV has made it known that it is planning to offer a five-year renewal on Son Heung-Min’s original two-year contract shortly after the young attacker scored a brace in a friendly against SV Reutte in Austria. The midfielder-cum-forward has repeatedly lit the blue touch paper in pre-season netting often and impressing fans and management alike with his flair, dribbling and all-around skills and the five-year deal, coming only a month or so after the player received an initial two-year contract shortly after he turned 18, is seen as a sign that the player is not only held in high regards but is seen as a major future prospect for the club. The contract will effectively keep Son Heung-Min at the club until 2015.

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