Huh Jung-moo to manage Incheon Utd

Huh Jung-moo to manage Incheon Utd

Aug 20, 2010

Former national team head coach Huh Jung-moo is set to manage K-League side Incheon Utd.

Huh, who last led the national team to the Round of 16 in South Africa, will return as a club manager to the K-League. Current Incheon caretaker Kim Bong-gil will finish out the current season with Huh taking over with a fresh start at the beginning of the next season. When Huh takes over, Kim Bong-gil is most likely to return to his original coaching position, reminiscent of their old Chunnam Dragons days.

Huh has managed Pohang (1993~95) and Chunnam (1996~98, 2005~07) in the past.

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