Cho calls abroad players — Park, Suk included

Cho calls abroad players — Park, Suk included

National team head coach Cho Kwang-rae has requested his players abroad for his next match.

The Korean Football Association announced on the 24th that a total of 14 players that play abroad have been called in preparation of the friendly match against Iran that will take place on September 7th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Among those included are captain Park Ji-sung, Lee Young-pyo, Park Chu-young, Lee Chung-yong and Ki Sung-yong. Also included are the young Japan-based players that took part in the match against Nigeria such as Kim Bo-kyung, Kim Young-kwon and Cho Young-cheol.

The most eye-catching name in the list, however, is Ajax Amsterdam striker Suk Hyun-jun. Cho Kwang-rae is planning on using this opportunity to examine the tall striker first hand.

Also joining the team will be Celtic right-back Cha Du-ri, who was allowed time to settle in Glasgow during Cho Kwang-rae’s first match in charge. Notable omissions are Jubilo Iwata striker Lee Keun-ho and Sagan Tosu midfielder Kim Min-woo, two players that were in the last squad against Nigeria.

These initial call-ups by Cho Kwang-rae are no guarantees of their place in the final roster. Cho Kwang-rae will confirm his final squad in the upcoming days before the match.

Requested call-ups

Park Ji-sung (Man Utd/ENG), Lee Chung-yong (Bolton/ENG), Ki Sung-yong (Celtic/SCO), Cha Du-ri (Celtic/SCO), Park Chu-young (Monaco/FRA), Suk Hyun-jun (Ajax/NED), Lee Young-pyo (Al-Hilal/KSA), Lee Jung-soo (Al-Sadd/QAT), Cho Yong-hyung (Al-Rayyan/QAT), Kwak Tae-hwi (Kyoto/JPN), Kim Bo-kyung (Oita/JPN), Park Joo-ho (Iwata/JPN), Cho Young-cheol (Niigata/JPN), Kim Young-kwon (Tokyo/JPN)

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  1. icalla91 /

    I have heard so much talk about how Suk Hyun-jun should have been called up for this and that, but now I’m glad that he will be able to show how well he plays with the potential NT.

  2. Sons of Thunder /

    Forget about Suk, why is Cho calling all the Europe-based players again? Save them for when it actually matters.

  3. Archildo /

    Why is he calling up the best players we got? scared he’ll lose to the mighty iranians? im tired of seeing park travel to korea every single NT game. give him a damn break. go test out our younger players

  4. Steve /

    This isn’t a confirmed list of players who will be in Seoul for the match. The KFA is obligated to notify the clubs about a possible call-up ahead of the FIFA fixture, and this list is merely a provisional squad of players who “may” have to make the trip to Seoul.

  5. Is there any way we can see Du Ri and Hyo Jin on the field at the same time? Or will this be impossible because they both play RB?

  6. kimchipride /

    I’m glad the moment for Suk to prove himself has finally come. He’s been one of our “wildcard” youths in Europe. We don’t know much about him and his abilities compared to the likes of Son and Nam. This match will definitely be interesting.

  7. jsk14 /

    because its an official international break the euro players can be called. if you remember he also has to see if they work in his new system. in particular LCY who didnt play last time along with CDR.

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